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Gaborone is located between the hills and Oodi Kgale Notwane River in the southeast corner of the city is the capital Botswana.The government and economic capital, the city is home to many businesses and the Botswana Stock Exchange archive.

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Customs is very slow, but easy to get through what seems to be the case in most of Africa. With one hand in the direction where you live and who will not give you a hassle.

Gaborone beautiful girls photo

People in Botswana is very friendly and crime is relatively low. However, the recent change between rich and poor has increased crime. Always be aware of your surroundings. At night to a restaurant called for a taxi from his hotel to take. Take the driver’s phone number and call when they want to go home.

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One of the most striking tall buildings is Orapa town home at the intersection of Mandela Drive and Khama Crescent. It is in this building, on floors specially designed to maximize daylight without letting the sunlight that Botswana diamond wealth is graded, packed and shipped to markets in the world.

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